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22 March 2007


taylor Siluwé

I don't know what to say about this. But I don't think its 'bad' news for Obama. I mean, clearly someone who favored him was behind it; that was never in question.

And hell, its politics, we've got months of dirt to come.


Not necessarily the best news for Obama in the sense that he says/claims he wants to run a differenmt type of campaign. He, of copurse, cannot control his supporters. But the message should be top-down and bottom-up. Simply to say "we're going to run a positive campaign" but have people constantly do negative camapigninmg on their own, well, that's not much like any other candidate.

Obama is a refreshing candidate, but I think many people are projecting their hoeps ontoa blank slate. His politics differ very little from Hillary Clinton.

Come on Now

Come on now, I can't help but wonder if this was no part of a larger startegy. Seems very unlikely a consultant would do this ad on his on time and have it traced back to him, only to fess up and "resign."

I'll tell you one thing, this web producer has some skills.

Andy in Seattle

Duck, everyone, it's mud-tossin time! (Woo-hoo!)


It's a great ad, more, more, more ...


All's fair in love, politics and the pursuit of fashion. Campaigns are having to adapt to the wild and woolly world of the interweb. Its going to be fun not only to watch what goes, but also to jump into the fray. The issues facing our country are far too important not to get a little bit dirty.

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