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26 March 2007


Greg G

I have always thought that Floyd is more than just a "pretty boy." He comes across as well read and polite, totally unlike his father.

And you're right, he is one FLAWLESS and GORGEOUS man.

Taylor B. Caz

I have never seen or heard of this magazine. But I am looking for it today. Thank you!


Same here Taylor! That is gonna be one pretty fight!


Having a fight party on May 5th. This is going to be a great event. Both of em getting paid like a villain. I remember when Tito Trinadad beat Oscar in a close fight and Oscar was all girly whne he said like "I wanted to give him a boxing lesson". Oscar can be very "how you doin" at times

Derrick from Philly

There's an untold relationship between gays and boxers. Being the most masculine of athletes (in terms of image), prize fighters often don't have the same level of homophobia or anti-gay hatred that you find in other straight (or DL) men. And, of course, many boxers have bisexual histories...well,according to old queens.


"And, of course, many boxers have bisexual histories...well,according to old queens."

Not just according to old queens, there was a documentary about a black boxer back in the day who was bisexual..i believe it was on A&E.

Even Ali was subject to rumors early in his career because he was so focused and didnt appear interested in running women.

rod mccullom

You're talking about "Ring of Fire." That documentary was about boxer Emile Griffith and was one of the first posts on Rod 2.0, "Mama Said Knock You Out", and is linked above in "You May Want to Read."

taylor Siluwé

Santa? I know Xmas is way off, but I have a very special request ....


thanks for pointing that out Rod...aww Im getting nostalgic from seeing your first post!


I saw this mag in borders and did a double take. He is handsome.

C. Baptiste-Williams

although i think the sport is stupid... the boys the boys, definitely eye candy


The picture at the top contrasts the hairy white arm of the camera man with the perfectly chiselled, perfectly handsome features of perfectly dressed, perfectly handsome young Mr M Jr.
Not a pretty boy. A handsome man, and how

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