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10 March 2007


Duane, in  Minnesota


This particular post really hit home for me.

As a college senior in 1976 I questioned my wisdom, having signed on to the U.S. Navy for a 6 year tour, post-graduation.....I forged ahead, i.e. "damn the torpedoes". I had appropriate cover upon entry....(girlfriend). A huge risk ended up being a rewarding 6 years, but not without sacrifice...burying my orientation deep to avoid detection. I was fortunate to serve in challenging and highly secretive capacities.

Hopefully the current move towards rescinding Don't Ask Don't Tell will pass...

Always a huge fan of Rod 2.0 Beta!



Thanks for that personal story, because I also wanted an intelligence or civil service career when I was younger. But that was ruled out after a background check revealed some personal things after college. It was a hurtful incident...especially so because as Clarke said, gay people are no more likely to be traitors to their country. In truth, most if not all of the spies we have had at FBI and CIA were straight, alcoholic family men who were in debt.


I applied for a foreign service job but that was a non-starter. I think my sexuality was discovered during their background check. Interesting post, BTW.


I am in the service now and almost afraid to access this blog on the base computer. People have been discharged for such things.


My cousin had problems getting a security cleareance. He is gay too and they didnt say that was the reason bvut they left him know that they knew all about his ex-relationship, I think there was a domestic violence charge.


My ex BF was a translator with the NSA. He was always terrified of them finding out. Eventually he left the agency.

I'm assuming that his bosses knew. No offense, but my BF wasn't the butchest number.


Former signals operator with the Army. Yes, your background and sexual history is investigated to obtain national security clearances. From top-down, word is that they don't want people who can be compromised.

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