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22 March 2007


Andy in Seattle

Oh, Terry, please. Let. It. Go.

Write a book about it, make money there. Have some fun with it.

You were hardly humiliated. You just keep the story GOING by keeping it in the news... er... uh... unless that's your point?


Terry McMillan keeps saying that she wants to get along with her life. It doesn't seem like she does, she keeps doing things to complicate his life. IMHO.

greg g

40 MILLION DOLLARS? Jonathan has caused that much "emotional distress" and damage to Terry McMillan?

She really is unhinged.

Kevin C

I hope the Contra Costa County Superior Court has sent someone out to purchase a paper shredder from Office Max.

Kevin C

Xavier Greene

LMAO @ Kevin C

taylor Siluwé

Oh lawd, I can see her making faces already. Miss thing can twist her features better than Jennifer Holiday when she's being dramatic. Invasion of privacy? Didn't she write a book about the shit?

I smell bullshit. What does she wanna promote now? Another book? A movie? 40 million dollars? Where's he gonnna get that kinda cash? How much was that settlement?

Actually, this inquiring mind really doesn't give a shit. Like Andy said -- let it go.


Terry is intent on destroying that man. His sexuality has nothing to do with her but she, like many women, thinks that a man being gay is a rejection of her personally.

Terry, honey child, move along. Be a strong black woman and move on.


Ya'll needs to leave this woman alone, I don't blame her for being bitter that she was played for a fool by this chump. Sorry, I just can't condone a liar and cheat, no matter why he did it. Now, where does she think he's going to come up with $40 million duckets? I know she gave him big bucks, but, somehow I doubt if he can earn a living on his looks, too much makeup for me on a man, LOL! And, he probaly does not even have 40 cents left.


"Leave this woman alone"??

Terry McMillan is the one who said on national television that she wante dto kill her husband. She's also been pulling him through years of bad publicity--good for her--and said in CLIK MAGAZINE that BLACK GAY MEN were JEALOUS OF HER.

I don't think we're doing anything to Terry McMillan. She's her own worst enemy.

Mark Norris

I think Ms. Terry should be paying him. I can't understand why she won't let it go and move on. She is still bitter and probably seeing that Jonathan is adjusting well in our community, moved on with his life, and she is jaded. She needs professional help, seriously.

C. Baptiste-Williams

She must have a new book to promote.


Stunts & Shows. Jon-Jon isn't even worth $40 million. Go sit down Terry!

Come on Now

Come on now, Terry has been itching for revenge ever since Jonathan came out.

Terry, it was good while it lasted. But you are losing whatever friends you thought you may have had within our community. Come on now.


Terry has lost her mind.

Kai in NYC

I'm just amazed you can sue an ex for 40 million dollars on charges of "humiliation" and "embarassment." This is good news. I think my fortune has been made ...

Jimmy David

Here is the problem that I have with Terry McMillan--and also thanks, Rod, for staying on this story--is that she has used her money and influence to make Jonathan's life miserable.

No, it's not good that he may have lied or cheated, but, unfortunately thats what homophobia and society often force upon men who are questioning their sexuality. It seems like he tried to resolve this issue and move along and Terry has been hounding this poor man forever.

Why sue him for $40 million? Or sue him for anything, for that matter. He doesn't have anything. But that is not enough for her.

And shame on any black gay man or lesbian who will support Terry McMillan after this.

Intelligent Black Man

As much as it is distasteful what Terry McMillan said and did, it is even more reprehensible that many within our community gave her a platform. I'm specifically referring to Clik, for giving Terry's homophobia a cover story. And yes, you too Rod, for doing the interview. I was shocked and saddened to see Terry McMillan's face on the cover on Clik and your name on that article, Rod.

Rod McCullom


Sorry, but you never saw my name on the Terry McMillan article. Just for the record, the "Clik" interview and feature story around Terry McMillan was conducted and written by L. Michael Gipson.

However, Ms. McMillan did contact me before and after that article was published. We had several, in-depth telephone conversations--they were strictly off the record, and, only mentioned once or twice on this site. Terry presented her concerns to me regarding my reporting on Rod 2.0. Terry is quite engaging and, one-on-one, comes across much more empathetic.

It seems that there is more than enough hurt and blame to go around. If anything struck me about the "Oprah" segment, it was that Terry still deeply loved Jonathan. I hope they can resolve these problems.

Andy in Seattle

A very moving (and understandably diplomatic) reply, Rod.

I agree that there's no one unsullied and unhurt. The central question here is whether one of the parties in this tussle is overreacting or staying in the spotlight for less than honorable motives.

And I too hope everyone can find peace--not just book deals, movie deals, advances, interviews or "vindication."

We appreciate your coverage, and any post of yours that provokes more than 18 comments (and isn't attached to pics of half-nekkid men) is a testimony to that. Keep takin the pulse...


Terry needs to go talk to Oprah ALONE. She needs an affirming hug and a good ol' fashioned nap. Can you imageine what being married to her must have been like? She is a little looney. She is just two claps from being all out crazy.

Rod McCullom

Thanks, Andy.

It's no secret this weblog was quite critical of Terry McMillan. However, some of my previous comments were rather snarky. Terry McMillan called me up and said I was being too harsh. She was right. That hasn't changed my feelings on this story, but, hopefully changes the tone.

PS: Miss Ross, LOVE your screen name and LOVE your comments. Welcome back. ;)

Derrick from Philly

Y'all gay men who've led bisexual lives are just hell for women. Your sensitivity and sweet lovin' just drives them crazy, especially old ones, I mean, mature ones. Y'all gay dawgs. If you locked me in a bedroom with a woman, I wouldn't know what the hell to do--maybe fix her hair...on her head.


...you'd just treat them the way you'd want to be treated derrick, that's all...keep it simple and so many of life's questions become answered ones...

Matt H.

Terry M is just plain ghetto fab...sigh


i cant believe that she acts like a victim when she was 43 and he was a barely out of his teens when they got together, a cute mummies boy.she used this man-boy to feed her sick ego,i hpe she reads this cos on oprah,oprah & the oprah shrink were pussy footing around her it was suspicious(later fnd, terry had a new book deal wth oprah!)if she was a man they would of said,what do u expect dating an immature boy?&why didnt she divorce him when she knew he was gay 2 yrs b/f divorce?.he was serving a purpose in sme sick incestuous mother-child smothering.not to mention the ageing bitter & twisted terry using him like a sexy handbag.she was so demeaning and emasculating to him.her energy is so narcisistic its creepy.she was lucky to have him.of course he wanted her security($)why else would he stay with such a vacuous immature superficial,control freak.makes me embarased to be female when i see her basking in her ego nxt to her puppy-him.rich superficial pple like her sicken me and hve 2 buy nice pple.im sure she thks shes cher or diana ross!-$ cnt buy depth,class or grace!blessings,kate

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