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02 March 2007


Jimmy David

Thierrey is one of my favorite, gawd he is sooo hot. And I love this interview, I wish American athletes were so forward.


I just can't get into the Euro soccer craze, cute guys or not, the sick fans with the racist taunts of the black and African players is a total turnoff, and then there is that obsession with David Beckham and that shrill voice of his. Give me the NFL!

tyler grey

That's neither the point of the post nor the interview. The point of the post was here's one black (Euro) athelete who embraced his gay fans. Read the full interview, you'll see Thierry Henry addresses racism in football and talks about his foundation to fight racism in sport. Rod has written several posts about Thierry Henry and racism in football and linked to them at the bottom of this post.

By the by, not everyone who reads this site lives in the USA. I'm an American expat in England. And for the record, I think there were one or two NFL posts this past week, no?

Zoe Wills

I'm in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris. Thierry is very popular here, among the gays and the straights and the blacks and the black and brown gays. I'm not sure what is the problem .....?

Rod McCullom

That person's comments were deleted. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks are unnecessary. If you dislike this site so much, stop visiting and leaving bitchy comments in the middle of the night.

There is no "right" to comment here or at any other blog. Especially by anonymous cyber thugs. Get your own blog.


Oh I just love Titi!! My favorite soccer player of all time!!

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