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27 April 2007



He's fighting for the same base as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, should we have expected any different?

I just don't want to know what he'll be selling out the gay community on next.

mark nox

yeah, i am disappointed by giuliani's new statements. last week, i just registered as a republican so i could vote for him in the primaries. I guess I'm stickin with Obama/Clinton now.

Matt H.

Didn't Guiliani live with a gay couple after his own very nasty and public DIVORCE?

See this link:


This is the man who made New York safe for white folks. He didn't need black votes, and he didn't feel any compunction about currying the favor of white racists.

Should anyone be surprised, then, that when he doesn't need gay votes, he should be ready to "clean up" America like he did New York?


Well, as one who never cared for him or his anti-black attitudes, or that hideous comb over this is funny to me. He has had these gay guys/gals singing his praises as pro-gay, and now he is pandering the far right for a vote. The one thing you can be guaranteed of when it comes to a GOP candidate, they will say or do whatever it takes to get the right wing element of that party. And, now it seems that he is doing the Bush thing, fear tactics of those scary homosexuals who want fairness under the law, to get a vote.

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