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26 April 2007


felipe anuel

Definitely looking forward to MSJ's arrival. Not to be a stinker, but there quite a few queens on the show-- including Betty's young nephew-- and you're bound to get them mixed up. Marc is the assistant of Vanessa L. Williams character ,Wilhelmina, and he's played by Michael Urie. Leslie Jordan plays Quincy Combs, sort of a cross between Truman Capote and Kitty Kelley. Comb is snooping around with intention of writing a trashy biography of the Meade family, Betty's employers and magazine magnates.

C. Baptiste-Williams

to think I thought of this show as a prelude to Grey's Anatomy... umm hmmm will definitely be all eyes now


Damn! He's hottt!!!

j. brotherlove

I've been looking for info on this guy all week. I should have known you'd have the details.


Well see how long this will last. Anyone wanna place bets that his character will be completely abandoned or killed off by season's end? Why is it the only way a black actor can get a recurring role on a TV show is if they are hot-looking? Last I checked middle america didn't care for us in compromising situations after the T.O./Nicholette Sheridan fiasco. ABC TV is still not cool in my book.




While I must say - he's gorgeous and wonderful to look at and is a brother getting some work - the character falls into the stereotypical black male who cannot control himself at the sight of a white woman. Would be nice to have a glimpse of a black family on the show instead of them being always on the periphery.


Am I the only one who watches this show religiously? There was a new character added to the mix on yesterday's (Thurs Arpril 26) episode, and i'm fairly sure it's the same dude referred to in this post...dude has a nice assssssss tho, DAMN

Derrick from Philly

Nice ass? Hell, you see how he's filling them jokey shorts in the front?

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