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27 April 2007



This has to be one of the most ridiculous countries in the Western Hemisphere with all this anti-gay garbage they spew. The crime rate is one of the worst in the world, poverty rampant, and this is their sick obsession? I still think there needs to be a campaign against tourism there, that's the only way they are going to get it. One love does not meaning hating someone who finds their love in a way different from yours.


robert c

There is some good news. Mr. Witter says that the country needs to become more accepting and tolerant of gay men, so that's a good sign.

It might not be happening fast enough for us, but, at least government officials are now saying it. If only the message filters down to the people....


Jam is over the top in its intense homophobia. Gay people should NOT travel there it aint worth it.They dont value our lives, dont give them your hard earned gay $$$$$$$.


Okay, maybe gay men and lesbians should not travel to Jamaica? But what about the thousands who live there, closeted, scared, afraid or beaten or killed?

Shouldn't we try to make life better for them who live there?

Stuffed Animal

Yes, we should try to make life better for them. We should enforce an economic and cultural boycott of Jamaica, just like we did in apartheid South Africa!


What is this flip flopping- Mr Witter are you condemning violence against homosexuals or not? How can you ask gay people to be less gay, can you be a little less black? And as the public defender, you need to be educated on sexual orientations. I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate. I prefer to have sex in the morning as opposed to in the night.

As a leader, you should know better, you should know the difference between a lifestyle and sexual orientations. I'll try my best to help you to understand:

1) Many Jamaicans live in poverty and their lifestyle mainly entails many worries and hardships.

2) Sean Paul has become a mega star and his lifestyle is now that of the rich and famous.

3) My sexual orientation is gay. My sexual orientation is bisexual, my sexual orientation is lesbian

get it?


being gay is not a preference.

this is though- I would prefer if we had more educated and progressive leaders to embrace change and diversity.

I would prefer if you didnt try to slam your religion down my throat.


I was born and raised in jamaica but i must say i am disgusted with how homophobic everyone is it is so rediculous even the gay people have to be homophobic because they cant let anyone knows that they are gay, its like so crazy out there. I have mest around with four supposedly Straight guys out there all they do is front alot of them are not straight they just ignorant am so happy i donot live there anymore thank you jesus because being gay is not a choice i look masculine but am attracted to boys only, i will not hurt another girl in my life pretending like am straight nope!!!


Firstly, Mr. Witter is only acknowledging the reality that exists. Yeah, Jamaica is homophobic. it may or may not be right depending on what your belief is, but it is a fact that this orientation, lifestyle---whatever you want to call it is not accepted there, and will cause serious catastrophe especially from those who are less educated. It's not fair, but that is the way it is. As a young lady i dont walk alone in a short skirt at night. thats not fair, i should be able to walk anywhere anytime naked if i want. but that would be stupid. i could easily get raped. its not fair, but the reality exists.

Secondly, being gay is not to be compared with being black. i understand your sentiment, but the struggle gays have up until now, is no where near in intensity as the struggle blacks have had----i mean we have yet to capture them, remove them from where they are from and force them to work with out pay.

Thirdly, You who thinks that Jamaica should be boycotted-->don't be ridiculous. Just because your belief system doesn't line up with another gives you the right to determine what is correct an what is incorrect, and therefore able to make the decision to punish the society. every single country has something that is seen by outsiders as crazy, Even the great United States of America, who ended slavery HOW MUCH LONG AFTER the rest of the world. But maybe you should boycott Jamaica---- cas we dont want you there...


seems the media is so pro gay they silence the opposition by not allowing their numbers to be represented... i am glad there are countries against them. Being gay is a choice. we see that every time someone straight goes gay or someone gay goes straight and it happens quite a bit. gays just do not want to take responsibility for their behavior choices.

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