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28 April 2007


joseph b. a.

Thanks for the Kenyan news, I'm from Uganda myself.

Rod, I'm a new reader, just want to thank you for keeping focus on gay men in Africa.

angus parkinson

Rod, think I should supplement my comments since the context in which they were made was dropped.

Gay men are frequently harassed and/or arrested here but seldom, if ever, charged with 'gross indecency' or 'carnal knowledge against the order of nature' - they are usually charged with disorder, loitering, public nuisance etc... My comments were specifically in reference to the exercise of the laws mentioned above.

"Despite that, nobody gets imprisoned in Kenya just because he is homosexual," says Angus Parkinson of Liverpool VCT, a support centre in Nairobi. "Kenya is heading in a different direction from its neighbours."



Thanks for the insight, Rod. Always a pleasure reading your blog. I stop by daily expecting to be informed but I get more than that. It's so great to see that there are people who still write with a human touch. And you're their leader in my opinion. Thanks again.


thanks for the info on kenya.. just correction.. the founding father of Kenya is the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Daniel Arap Moi was the second President. However nice article..keep it up


Wow. This is some good insight although i do not agree wioth it. Kenya being less strict about homosexuality. WOw that is unbelievable... that is pure nonsense. Just days ago my friends were saying that this homosexuality rights in america is weird. If they were in Kenya, they would be ashes by now. ....Very interesting.........

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