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27 April 2007



There are a couple of features of this story that require a cultural explanation for those of us not in Nigeria, or at least not in West Africa.

First, the woman who performed these marriages is no doubt aware that Sharia law obtains in northern Nigeria. And she must be aware of the extreme anti-gay bill the Nigerian parliament is considering making into law. So, does she marry lesbian couples just because she has superhuman courage? Or is there another aspect to this that I don't understand?

Similarly, 2,000 people attended these weddings, at least according to the reports. Well, are all these people vicious homophobes who just came for the free food? Or is there another aspect to this that I don't understand?

Could we have a northern Nigerian (ideally) explain this to us better?

taylor Siluwé

I agree, Jim.

Something seems strange. I can see the woman being couragious and defying the law. Understandable. But 2000 guests taking the activist role?

This story needs clarification.


Well, according to this article in the BBC, Aunty Maiduguri is claiming that she has never even heard of the word "lesbian." The party, she says, was actually a fundraiser for the women's marriage to men.

A little strangely, all four women who are being charged with getting married are actresses in the local home-video industry, says the BBC.

Also: "A Kano police spokesman told the BBC that his officers were not actively looking for the women, but would arrest them if need be."

What does that mean?

I suspect a bit is lost in our cultural ignorance here.

Survive your partner's affair

well, i think these lesbian must have some sense of thinkkng and fear so she ran away and hid after marriage

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