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27 April 2007



He may only be "17" but, this kid is quite mature for his age, and I don't and don't care if he is gay, as he would never be my type when he is legal, but, there is no way he would admit to being gay. His reps have made sure that he denies it, a la Clay Akins, to appeal to those women who love asexual, non-threatening men.

More power to him, and how he has lasted 16 minutes after his 15 minutes of fame should have been up is amazing, but, he had better get ready for the gay thing to dog him for a long time to come. When you are that effeminate, the questions are always there, sadly, even in 2007.

robert c

Tyrone, I'm sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Saying that a 17 year old boy is "is quite mature for his age" still doesn't give us license to openly speculate about his sexuality and tell him that it is only a matter of time before he is in the club.

And I won't even go into those gay men who are obsessed with him in a sexual way.

One more thing...Clay Aiken is an adult. This is a "kid."

taylor Siluwé

For some crazy reason, my ears were itching.

When you go on American Idol ... you have no privacy. We the people want to know everything about you. We eat you up and that's our right. That's the price you pay for such celebrity.

He knows that. Don't sleep on this 'kid' and fall prey to his doe-eyed innocence.

Seventeen. Puh-leeze. At seventeen I was one big hormone with a wicked innocent smile, just like Sanjaya. But I dropped to my knees in church for more than prayer.

Please. Stop whining. He won't be the last hot property to be eaten alive by his adoring fans.

Hmmmmmm, and he's quite tasty too ... just like chicken.

Derrick from Philly

Thank you, Taylor. I try to respect all gay people's opinions, but these pious gay folks just amaze me. They musta' grow'd up messin' with nobody but the priest.

joseph b. a.

Taylor, maybe you were sexually active at 17 years old or had come to terms with your sexuality. That does not mean that every other gay man did or should have.

No one is being "pious." It's just creepy that so many gay men are obsessing over a 17 year old and ready to claim him as gay. On that tip, Taylor, your blog is more or less a shrine to barely legal young men. What's wrong, not enough adult gay men to discuss or obsess over?

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