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19 April 2007


taylor Siluwé

This is the expected backlash when an oppressed people finally stand up and refuse to be oppressed anymore.

Like the rise of the Klan in post reconstruction America and the fear of the Black man, the world is now writhing under the threat of the dreaded 'gay agenda'.

The Klan lost. Blacks got civil rights. It's just a matter of time when same gender loving people around the globe experience a similar emancipation from this oppressive and blatantly hypocritcal religious bullshit.

But we all have to do our part by lashing out at injustice in our every day lives -- stoking the fire for sure, but in the end we assist it to finally burning itself out.

Reason will eventually reign over religious dogma and hypocrisy.



And, his example of homophobia should be a lesson for gays and lesbians in this country, when you don't face homophobia head on from these religious zealots and elected officials, this is what can sadly happen.

I sure hope that he has escaped this totalitarian regime and is some other country to avoid a beating or worse, murder from the state police.

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