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12 May 2007


Derrick from Philly

Another Republican bites the dust. Oh, well. Toss him out with the rest of the bad salad!


I have known Aaron for 20 years and he is far from gay, that I can assure you. He has been a student at the University of Tennessee for at least 8 years and a resident of Tennessee until he moved to NC to campaign for McHenry. He returned to Tennessee to finish law school and lived in Knoxville while finishing, not NC. I believe that the ignorance is overwhelming and I pray for those of you who get pleasure from ruining the lives of innocent people. It’s just too bad that none of you will ever have the privilege of meeting Aaron and finding out what a marvelous man he is. I feel sorry for those of you who talk so much garbage, it’s really pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your lives than make up stories. And about the comment 'Or, maybe just a good lay' I would talk to the numerous girlfriends Aaron has had over the years to find out how good of a lay he is, no man has or will ever have that knowledge.

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