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22 May 2007



This is one time that ignorance will be bliss. I didn't know anything about the play and that fine ass naked boy standing next to the horse is my screen saver.

rex wash

Much ado about nothing. If the producers didn't intend to sexualize the play, not sure why we see so much of a nude Daniel Radcliffe everywhere.

Who really isn't that cute, IMHO. He's no Chad White.


I criticized this layout on a few other sites for a more simple reason: it's a complete rip-off of Madonna's Confessions Tour book and W spread.

joseph b.a.

Sorry, Ben. "Equus" is much older than Madonna's "Confessions." It was first published in 1973.

If anyone stole the idea, it was Madonna. Talented as she may be, she has never had an original idea.

But bless your heart for thinking a 34-year old play "ripped off" Madonna.


LMAO.. I needed a good laugh. thanks joseph b.a.


Honestly, I never took the play that seriously to where I would see this photo spread as problematic. "Gaytanamo," however, is another matter.


..After publicly bullying closeted gay celebs Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster for the world to see, Out resumes with its usual policy of straight (white) male worship and gay exclusion.

All signs point out to the fact Out and The Advocate have sold out to the neocon/GOP agenda while we were asleep anyway..word is they've been publishing articles by Jeff Gannon (!!), Andrew Sullivan (aight) and Patrick Sammon (hmm) to broadcast a lot of propaganda on how gays are better served by a party whose leadership supports the idea Falwell never uttered a bad word.

Next thing you know these magazines be sold to Ruppert Murdoch, who will fire the gay an liberal staff and turn it into another Faux News for gay-for-pay.



He's got a very real point. Everything needn't be eroticized but I wonder to what end he makes such a fuss.


the Blade has gay porn prominantly displayed in it advertising, and as special inserts. They remind me of Capt. Renault in Casablanca... hypocrites.


Who cares?

Chad White needs to KEEP being naked on a horse, naked on a street corner..just naked!

Hell, he should bend over, touch his toes, and cough--NAKED! :)


Why do so many gay men attach so much significance to porn and male images? He's just a hot shirtless guy in a stables. Geez, they want to ignore the war and what happens in Washington but argue about a silly photo shoot.

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