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15 May 2007


Andy in Seattle

It may not have made the MSM front pages (yet), but there was plenty of buzz about it on blogs and elsewhere in cyberspace, and it may come back to haunt him as the Iowa caucuses come closer...


For the life of me, I don't see what people see in this Fascist, he isn't out to help the little guy as this article shows. Just another rich white man with a bad comb over.

C. Baptiste-Williams

is anyone really surprised?


Surely, there's no one out there with a net worth of less than a million dollars, is there? They just must not work very hard . . .

Andy in Seattle

I am equally puzzled, Luther. (But then the allure of American Idol is lost on me as well.) Giuliani happened to be mayor when the planes hit the WTC, and in a time of crisis, terrified people crave "strong leadership," a role a Fascist like Rudy can fill quite well.

What is so puzzling is that someone so clearly at odds with core GOP positions on "social issues" should still rate so high in Republican polls. Perhaps that's as much an indictment of the shallowness of the voters as it is a measure of the sway of the candidate?


Next time he should just call Edwards and see if his house is available.

A. Ronald

Ousslnader, what is the connection?

Both Wdwards and Giuliani are multi-millionmaires, Giuliani much more wealthy. There is nothing wrong with their being wealthy.

The story was about the Giuliani camp canmcelling an appearance with a family ... who wasn't wealthy enough. Big diff.

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