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24 May 2007



Interesting post Rod. While, I don't know anything about the show since I don't own a television, and found his comments to be vile, mind you not illegal, just uncouth and uncivil, do they really think the PSA is going to change what's in peoples hearts? And, after all his begging, pleading, apologizing and begging some more to the gay "rights" groups to keep his gig, most of the gay sites still want his head, so, looks like IW is teaching one thing, vice your disdain for gays behind closed doors, the board rooms of America and the voting place when there is anything gay related on a ballot.

There has to be a better way to teach tolerance.


I'm glad Isaiah is doing this. He's going to be the first former homophobe to come out and campaign against that very which we all strive to put an end on. And that is bigotry. Kudos Isaiah!! It really doesn't matter what he says or believes behind closed doors as long as he's doing the right thing in public.


Shabaka, I totally agree. Isaiah has come around and is preaching tolerance and has admitted mistakes. Isaiah did not have to make the commercial. Some of us forget that we need all of teh allies wecan get.


It's a good, solid public awareness announcement. It's not supposed to be an earth-shattering commercial, it's supposed to make you think.

I'm glad Isaiah Washington did this.

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