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07 May 2007



GEEZ...perhaps he's suffering from that BRITISH ARRAGANCE since he now resides in England....but he has to have a clue that perhaps the reason why there has been no real "tidal wave of negative publicity" or the fact that his story has been ignored by NBA.COM...is because he's such a NON-ENTITY in the NBA world? I mean...look at his record....he drifted from team to team leaving no real impact...his whole tenure in the NBA was brief. the first thing out of my mouth and many others when he CAME OUT was WHO IS HE and what team was he even with? He doesn't matter to the average American because he doesn't even live here anymore. So it's really been like a "WHO CARES?" kind of deal. Hell..most blacks don't even identify with as being black. Had this been a more noted player like what occurred when MAGIC came otu as testing positive, then there might have been more play. But the bottom line is...WHO CARES JOHN?


When is his 15 minutes of fame going to stop? Sorry, I am still one of those not impressed by his "coming" out after he retired, and just find him and his "story" boring since like the majority of people in this country, I had never heard of him before this, and don't need to hear from him and his "story" to peddle books anymore, and to the LOG Cabin Club, which makes it even more boring.


He did not ask for all the negativity that came with his book, he would have faded already if it wasn't for mr hardaway. Plus we can thank him for bringing a ton of attention to the gay black issue.

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