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21 May 2007



When are people going to realize that the times when you could just plain and simple treat SGL persons unfairly, are long gone? I'm glad she's taken action and filed complaints!


This is why I'm 100% against tax dollars being given to churches. This is yet another example of who they aren't capable of distributing help to those in need, and this church should be sued or the city for allowing this to happen. Bush and his "faith based initiatives" started this blatant discrimination, and it should be halted. Just TICKS me off, tax dollars used for bigotry.

rex wash

Very good point. If it was difficult for LGBT before, the Faith Based Initiatives have made it more difficult to get housing, HIV and job services from church based minstries.


What do you think will be the penalties iof it is proved that this dsicrimination hapopened? Lack of funding?


If the investigation pans out,. the non-profit would most likely be censured, reprimanded or possibly lose some fundimg.

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