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23 May 2007



That little boy is the cutest thing ever. His character is wonderful.


I love him too. LOL they are so trying to insinuate things about that boy but oh well he's a lot braver than I was at that age.

Mark Norris

I would love to have a son like that. So special and talented.

Derrick from Philly

It's funny, on Keith's blog I debated with other posters concerning how young one can realize they are gay. They protested about other folks labelling a child "gay"--which I agree with. I was referring to those of us who knew we were "special" very very early. But the character on Ugly Betty is supposed to be about 14, I believe. I'm glad they wrote him into the script, and I love the way his mother and FATHER accept him the way he is (on the show). BTW, the guy who plays Justin's father is a sexy Papi, or have I just gone Latino crazy over the last couple of years. Maybe I'm just longing to have Manny Ramirez pet me...I wonder if he'll pet bald heads.

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