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31 May 2007



So if you oppose any major item on the "gay agenda" (whatever that is defined as) and you happen to be a gay politician yourself, then you will be outed by Mike Rogers and ousted by the party. In the long run all this will achieve is to destroy gay influence in the Republican party. But it won't destroy the party itself, so whenever the Republicans control the governement like they did for the last seven years, Repubs will have every reason to do damage to gay rights in many areas and no countervailing reason not to. Not too smart, Mike.


Thanks for your continual coverage on the state of Alabama - whether it's good news or bad news...it makes me feel like you're from here. :-)


Impressed with Alabama standing up, have they also apologized for lynching and Jim Crow? I guess that I'm amazed by the apology as most of the GOP members usually are the main ones who make sure this sort of thing dies in committee. And, to have a Republican governor sign it makes it even more of a miracle, since the far right wing usually threatens anyone who says slavery or that silly Confederate flag is wrong with getting voted out next election.

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