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09 May 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

I fear for his safety and honor his courage of putting himself out there to even run!!


This man had better be careful, these racist nuts are beyond scary and getting all sorts of encouragement from the right wing nuts of the GOP on talk radio, Faux news, etc with thier racist rants about him. And for the life of me, does he really think he has a chance of getting elected, in this country? These people are not ready for a black man to be President, even one who is views as "harmless" to them and their concerns. He and Hillary need to really find a clue, neither is going to be elected. Sounds negative, but, this is still the USA and race is a factor no matter what some tell pollsters, and with her, way too much baggage, even though she is the best qualified out of the 20 or so seeking the job.


It's NOT the GOP that's racist party. The Republican party was formed by Abraham Lincoln in order to free the Slaves. He believed, "all men should be free."

And I bet you didn't know that Martin Luther King was a Republican, and the NAACP was formed by a Republican.

Did you know that 82% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 vs. 64% of Democrats?

Who's the only black American currently on the Supreme Court? Clarence Thomas.(R) The first black Secretary of State? Colin Powell. The first black woman ever to be a Secretary of State? Condi Rice.

Meanwhile, what do we see from Democrats? We see Oreo cookies being thrown at Maryland's black U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele and black Republicans being called "Uncle Toms" and compared to "Aunt Jemima."

And don't forget, Senator Robert Bryd (Democrat) of Virginia is a former KKK member.

It's the DEMOCRAT party who are racists, and use race to divide people.

The GOP judges people NOT by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Republicans believe everyone has their unique own ability to succeed, and it's the Democrats who use blacks as victims of society and keep them on welfare for their votes.

You should read the book, "Bamboozled" by Angela McGlowland to learn more how it's the Democrats who use the blacks as victims for their votes:


Well Luther someone has to at least try to make some change, Granted it might be hard for either to be elected due to their physical attributes; they are both doing really well in most polls and have managed to raise a lot of money so there are millions of people who are out there who support them. There will always be someone to oppose anything you do some will just be more vocal than others, but it doesn't mean you should just give up. Where would we be if Rosa Parks decided that it would be easier for her to give her seat up to please a white male vs. sitting down and acting as the catalyst for the civil rights movement.


Roundabout please don't make this into an issue of the GOP vs. the Democrats because anyone could easily talk about how FDR and the democratic part help save this country from ruins and turn our country into a military forcer or about how corrupt our current administration is, or how Colin Powell was largely responsible for us going into Iraq although he was fully aware of reports that the intelligence telling us about the WMD was VERY questionable and not to be trusted (don't get me started on Condileza). Yes the GOP have done some good things, but this current batch leaves much to be desired.


Condo-lee-za Rice is black? Clarence Thomas? Sorry, those names do not impress me on any level and neither should be on the taxpayers payroll, as they are "color" blind in a country that isn't and seldom if ever have anything to say positive about being black or will ever say there are still major disparity issues based on skin color. And, they haven't had a black thought in years, one gets his gig and education, via affirmative action, and then is against. Show me some real black GOP memebers who aren't trotted out every now and again to show how "inclusive" they are.

And, when the GOP stops using racist images like they did in TN with Harold Ford, and in most of the Southern states to win elections by putting fear into God fearing white folks about the evils of black men, come back at me with how they don't judge or vote based on skin color.The Democrats are just as racist as the GOP, so, long litany of a few token blacks does nothing to impress me, as I'm a Indpendent who votes local issues, but, would NEVER vote for a Repubilican, and as my area is 75% GOP, I usually skip any election for them, since they will win and are never challeged and don't have a single concern of mine, as I'm not pro gun, anti-gay marriage,anti civil rights, anti-black male, pro prison, anti-immigrant or obsessed with abortion, but, don't want to help poor kids.

And, as far as the 10% of black GOP'ers, there was a great article in my local paper about the "chairman" of the black GOP. He was a banquet server at thier annual wing ding, and when they were calling out names of the big shots, his came up as he was carrying in a tray of food, too funny, and they were all red faced!


And, as far as the 64% of Democrats who voted against the civil rights act, weren't most of them Southern Democrats, who are now GOP? Let's keep it real, and don't forget how many in the GOP voted against renewing it this past year. I refuse to be "bamboozled" by either party of hypocrites and liars, since neither is concerned about the average black person on any level, and until both parties show that they are willing to make bad public schools better, and help poor black people who work 40 hours or more a week get out of poverty via decent wages and health benefits, sorry, unimpressed with the old "work hard, get ahead," adage that both parities spew for votes, when the only ones who actually benefit are the rich.

Derrick from Philly

If Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman were alive today, what political party do you think they'd be registered in? The Reagan/Bush/Gingrich Republicans? Or the Roosevelt/Kennedy/Obama Democrats?

As for Dr. King being a Republican, so was J. Edgar Hoover, the evil ol' queen who had him assasinated.

The Republican Party has become the party of white supremacist, right-wing facists who's great accomplishment is sending young Americans off to die in a senseless war against the Islamic world--now aint that smart?

Derrick from Philly

"who's" should be "whose". I wasn't going to correct it, but it looked so bad.
My terrible spelling and awful grammatical mistakes must come from the education I received during the Nixon years, couldn't have come from ol' LBJ's time in office.

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