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04 May 2007



LOL. He understood the question when he answered it, how dare he try and backtrack now.


He said what all the others would say if they figured they could garner a couple of more votes. These primary voters are the lowest element of the GOP and you have to be as far to the right as possible to get a vote. So, get ready for more gay bashing a la Bush, since one of them is bound to use that strategy when other issues get ignored, and the best way to fire up the base and get them to the polls in record numbers, those homosexuals, or blacks as well.


Time mag gave Romney the highest grade in the debates. I think flp-flop McCain is slowly fading...he's just not likeable

Mad Professah

Actually I was surprised at how stupid Tommy Thompson sounded. I'm not surprised he said he didn't understand the question, which I thought was a great question that all Presidential candidates should be asked "Do you think that private employers with strong religious beliefs against homosexuality should be allowed to fire gay and lesbian employees?"

I'd like to hear McCain, Giuliana (sic) and Romney's response to that question, especially since I would wager 60+ percent of the general population think that such actions should be illegal.

Actually more recent polling data on this very question is needed...

Andy in Seattle

In my best Jim Nabors/Gomer Pyle voice... "Soo-priiize, soo-priiize!"


Yes, b/c we want our leader to misunderstand a direct question that to me, had no ambiguity.

"Oh! I thought you said TO push the button!"

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