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24 May 2007



I dont believe in such things, but I cant help but think about some sort of Kennedy/King curse. Too many people in both families gone way too soon.

Yolanda was a great American and an ally to many communities. She will be missed

Why did she die?  I didn't know anything was wrong?

This is the third article I've read and no one is mentioning the cause of death? This is extremely odd. What's up?


Bless her soul and may she rest in peace, but, to see that bloated bigot Eddie Long and even sadly, Bernice, in that photo makes me want to vomit.


You know what, I am so sick and tired of individuals putting things on the website that is not professional. So what if you believe the Bishop is a Biggott or if the Beautiful Bernice is anti-gay. Who cares, all I know is that she is a role model to me. Even so, with the help of God and her father, you are now able to work, ride, speak and vote. Get up off the beautiful Bernice and get some love in that hard heart!

joseph b.a.

Joanna, perhaps you stumbled across this blog mistake. It's focus is black gay men and news that affects us.

Berniece may have done a lot of good, but, she and Eddie Long have also hurt a very many people. Both of them preach a message of hatred and exclusion. That was not the message of Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King or even Jesus Christ.

Funny, the people who are always talking about "love" can never show it themselves.

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