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29 June 2007


taylor Siluwé

This is so sad. I don't understand these gadget-head fools who have to be the first one to have something -- and something that six months from now will be a quarter of the price these jackasses are paying. But we all know most people are just stupid drones anyway.

And that Philadelphia mayor -- he should be run out of office for being so publicly wasteful of his civil service duties. I'm sure someone in his position has better things he could be doing.

Damn shame.


I find it funny how people will wait in line for a cell phone, but, then again, I don't own one, so, I don't see what all the hype is about. But, am quite happy as I do have stock in AT&T ;-).

The mayor of Philly? Why is he to blame for the senseless murders? I assume they have police all over the place, but, the black on black violence, and guns all over the place isn't his fault alone.

Cure for HIV, I think it is there and has been,but, the large pharmaceutical companies would lose billions with a cure, since they want to medicate people for life.

Alan T

Aww, I like Pharrell, too. He is so positive. Rapper, producer, nerdy, fashionable, charity, gay-friendly. Rod, you and Pharrell need to get married. Or a civil union! ;)

Greg G

Alan, that's a good point. At first I didn't understand Rod's interest in Pharrell. It didn't seem physical, although Pharrell is very handsome. However, Pharrell is doing good things, fashion, global warming, Princess Diana concert, friendly to gays, music, computers. Perfect fit for this weblog.

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