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06 June 2007



Rod, you are spot on with how race is still a factor, something in this race I've said all long, PC people will say one thing to a pollster, and do something else on election day. I'm gld that he bought up the issue of a tender bx of despair in cities. The black/Latino issues of not being able to get along are festering in L. A., and are out of control in many parts of the city, along with unabated poverty, bad schools, and lack of jobs, and what few jobs there are, they are fighting for the crumbs. When I saw "riot," and unless someone can get a grip on it, a riot will be there, yet again, and this one will make the others seem like a day in the park I fear.

Katrina? Iraq will be rebuilt, Iran, bombed and rebuilt, and the poor blacks and handful of whites will still be in FEMA trailers, no one cares about them, didn't before, cared a week or two after, now, they are yet again invisible.

All that said, still not impressed with Mr. Obama, and pretty much know for a fact that I wouldn't vote for Mrs. Clinton, unless the GOP has Rudy or Mitt.

Derrick from Philly

Juan-Pablo: I'm really really un-happy to hear about the growing unrest and dislike between blacks and Latin Americans in LA. I've been told it's happening in Texas and some southern states also. I don't feel it at all in Philly and New York, and I hope we remain allies here in the East. My cousins in LA are half black/half Mexican. If black and Mexican Americans can't come to some agreements on "getting along" then that's real bad news for the future of both groups in this country.

Juan Pablo

Hey Derrick, the LA Times has a great article on the problem this week as they have been running a serires since a young black girl around 13 was murdered because she crosses a street in the barrio, or some nonsense like that. On Jasmyne's site she has a link to a story about the town next door to her in Compton that really shows the discord, and her own problems of being called the racial slur by some Hispanics in L.A. I live in San Diego, and he problem isn't as bad, but, LA is a powder keg right now.


But are we talking about Mexicans in Philly and NYC or puerto ricans or other latinos, a bit of a difference.

I live in LA, and I havent personally had a problem. I lived in Koreatown, which is more latino than Korean, and I never had an incident, but there are problem areas for sure.

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