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29 June 2007



Richardson and Edwards, the best two in this race and the only ones I would feel comfortable voting for, but, they stand no chance. They actually keep it real and I think both would be excellent advocates for the poor, and, HIV in Africa and this country.

Thanks for the update, since my town did not show this until after 11:00PM.


Just look at that picture of Edwards and Obama. Don’t you think they would have startled America if they had just stopped talking for a second and given each other a big fat lip-lock?

Give folks something to talk about at work today...


The decision wasn't affirmative action. It was integration of public schools. Think Brown not Grutter. They are completely different legal questions.


Laurence Edwards

I was looking forward to this debate. Tavis did it again. Did you see his followup special last night? It was even more enlightening. Unfortunately this debate showed again how many of the Democrats side stepped the issue of the economics of being Black in America. One of the first questions asked was why there was a desparity between the employment of White male high school dropouts as compared to Black male high school graduates. I don't remember anyone directly answering that question. Everyone talked about education but we all know that there are many African American males with college degrees that can't get a decent job. Hillary took the debate with great sound bites, Edwards with substance, what happened to Obama? He better step out clearly and loudly like Hillary did during the debate. Even if he doesn't win at least the often silenced voices of African American men will be heard. I really want to see the next debate with the Republicans. What the hell are they going to say. Thanks Rod.

Alan T

Tyler, aren't you arguing semantics? Such a minor point in the larger focus of this post.

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