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02 June 2007


Mark Norris

I have been hoping for years, and years. I can finally make my move......*poof* Oh, I am awake now.


these wannabe stars make me sick. now his poor wife will have to find a new husband.


Back off B*$@ches!!! He's mine!!!


ooooo, i screamed a little on the inside.

I'm glad the title wasn't "is now gay" or something that would have really caused a ruckus in my house...and caused me to have a heart attack.

Derrick from Philly

Men aint no good. That poor girl stood by him when he was nothing. Now, that he's on top he's going to just cast her aside for some triflin' whore: me. No good men. The Rock doesn't know I already have my pick between Reggie Bush and Tim Liggins--good men who'd never leave you once they make it big, and most importantly, they got fabulous bodies.


Why did my 14 year old nephew, when we saw this story ticker across the bottom of the screen say "The Rock was married? I thought he was gay..."

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