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09 June 2007



Interesting coincidence!

I hope this is the wake up call drunk drivers need. Maybe if we put their faces on TV all around the world, they would stop doing something so dangerous.


Yes, this coincidence means something.

35 years ago, Americans were paying at least some attention to the horrors that their taxes purchased. Today, in the midst of another war they have chosen, Americans have only a vague conception of the suffering to millions that they have bought.

Paris Hilton’s crying is the important thing. Naturally, the AP hires its best to record it.

Andy in Seattle

Start the stopwatch on how quickly some clever Photoshop-savvy graphic artist combines the subjects, and we have a grainy image of a napalmed Paris Hilton running nude down a Nam street...

shana naomi

You, as per usual, are the rock star of fascinating backstories.

Rachel S.

God, Jim is right on point. Perhaps this is how far our news media has declined...Paris Hilton is viewed as a greater tragedy than Iraq.


The professions that brought Vietnam into our living rooms and thus helped end our involvement in that war--and publicized Watergate and helped get that bunch of crooks out of office--now focus their energy (and cameras and microphones) on this crap instead of Iraq and the corruption in our current administration.

It's disheartening what journalism and photojournalism have become and how hard it is to find real news (and real news, to me, is also not pundits screaming over each other about their different views).

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