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11 June 2007



I don't think Jeb and his old lady fit the "interracial" thing, since according to the Census, even though not the public at large, she is as "white" as he is. Mind, you in Mexico, only 10% are deemed "white" but, here the rules change, so much so, that if an Indigenous Native American of Mexico or central America who has a child here, the child is also "white." I found this out while working in a hospital.

Not nitpicking, but, Tiger would have been a somewhat better example, since I don't think there were laws about whites and Mexicans marrying.

caleb rexter

Yeah. That's called nitpicking.

Let's just celebrate the anniversary of the case and work toward getting gay marriage legal.


Correction: "In 1967, some 16 states prohibited same sex marriage. " -- you probably meant prohibit interracial marriage :-)


Rod, thanks for the link to the interactive map. If you double-click on a state, you get an example of one of its anti-miscegenation statutes. They are pretty shocking. Here’s the one from Texas, circa 1920:

Intermarriage of whites and blacks. If any white person and negro shall knowingly intermarry with each other within this state, or having so intermarried, in or out of the state, shall continue to live together as man and wife within this state, they shall be punished by confinement in the penitentiary for a term not less that two nor more than five years.”

So, I guess if you got married in New Jersey and were foolish enough to move to Texas, you would go to prison.

The laws of several states specify hard labor as punishment.

Notice the perfect correlation on the map between anti-miscegenation laws and church-going. The love of Jesus, don’t you know.

Mad Professah

I didn't realize the 16 states whose laws were invalidated instantly with Loving vs Virginia 40 years ago were all in the South, The interactive map is really really cool.

The texts of the anti-miscegenation statutes are chilling.

Happy Loving Day!


The link between the Loving case and gay marriage is an excellent tactic. I hope that it will help people to realize that a threat to any group's civil rights is a threat to ALL civil rights.

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