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26 June 2007



Ok so he's not fully comfortable with gay marriage, but he sho is rockin' the 'rainbow' tie. Is that a subliminal message?

tony rio

I just wish Edwards would give a "straight" answer on gays. I really like his positions and think he is the most progressive candidate. Unfortunately, it seems difficult for his campaign to stay on message.

Andy in Seattle

I must admit Edwards, whenever discussing the Marriage Equality Issue (its not GAY marriage, its just marriage, period) at least acts like his problem with it is a PROBLEM and that problem lies within his discomfort, not in the very logical concept of equal rights. What he's doing is very interesting and groundbreaking--he's reaching out to the majority (yes, still a majority) who themselves don't "feel okay" with it even though they know it's a matter of fairness. If we're to ever reach these people and educate them, perhaps this is the best tactic, and perhaps this is a good messenger?

2008 must be about healing the country, coming together, and reaching out. Obama's all about it--and so is Edwards. Before we dismiss him as a haircut with good teeth, let's actually look at what he's saying at face value.


John Edwards is just being safe, I personally believe he is for gay marriage I think he is trying to appeal to middle America by not going all the way and upsetting them. Although this country is becoming increasingly progressive the majority of the American population share the same views as him, this isn't a issue about his views but more of an issue about him folding under the pressure.

Andy in Seattle

If he "folded" under pressure, he'd certainly not be sending his wife out to Gay Pride festivals (you think she did that on her own?)

He's playin the game. My point is we need to work with our allies, even if they aren't able to be as perfectly aligned with our list of wants as we wished. Obama and HRC are playing the same game. If someone stepped forward and said everything that needs to be said and stood behind those statements...you'd be looking at the ice-cube-in-hell, Kucinich.

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