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19 June 2007


Andy in Seattle

Thank god for Elder's voice of reason in this "faith-based" wilderness the country continues to wander in. And shame on Bill for not sticking up for her in that stupid, stupid controversy.


Yeah shame on you Bill. Elders was terminated for advocating open discussions about masturbation...and we know that's much worse than cumming on somebody's blue dress. As much as some Black folks love to call Bill the first 'Black President', he sho' had a problem supporting Black women. Didn't stand by Elders and remember he backed away from Lani Guinier's nomination to the Justice Department. Real punk ass bitch move, Bill. But he's steppin' it up in terms of HIV prevention and meds in Africa so I give him a pass...kinda.

Oh yeah this is about Elders...right on sista!



Please don't give Bill a pass. He was the one who sent Al Gore out to carry water for the pharmaceutical industry, to keep Africa from being allowed to import inexpensive generic AIDS drugs from India, Brazil, and Thailand.



So Al's doin the dirty work...not cool. I might be confusing my Bills. Bill Gate's Foundation is doing HIV vaccine trials there...my bad.

Robert Jones, Jr.

Great statement. But "irregardless" is not a word.

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