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25 June 2007


Derrick from Philly

I guess it was a different Republican Party back then. You still had a potent progressive presence in the GOP, not controlled by the right-wing, phoney religious nuts you see today. Also, that was before all those KuKluxKlan southerners left the Democratic Party (over the issue of Civil Rights) and took over the GOP.


I almost passed out reading this, a Mormon who was not anti-black until "God" spoke to them that racism was wrong in the late 1970's? Wow. Well, now, that means I only have to fear his anti-gay stance, since I was running boo that he wa not only anti-gay, but, anti-black as well!


Luther, that was Mitt’s father who was in favor of civil rights, not Mitt. Mitt was only seventeen at the time.

Mitt is a fine example of genetic degredation, something that seems to be all the fashion.

Or maybe it’s just a trend with children of fathers named George.


Sorry. That should have been “degradation.”

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