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15 June 2007


Derrick from Philly

Beautiful. These ads can only have a positive effect. Maybe we can get them all over the country--even in Filthidelphia.


Great news, and good luck to them on it, one step at a time and hopefully it will end. I must be the only black gay man in the USA who has never had any issues with the black community about being gay, thank the Lord for that. And, yes, I grew up in an all black community.

C. Baptiste-Williams

i love these ads


Luther, you are very lucky. Why don't you give us some more insight on how you dealt with family, friends, etc. and what there reactions were and how they treat you now. Everybody has a story.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

I attended the press conference at 125th & Broadway, when the ads
were unveiled in Harlem with their most brilliant, affirming and direct loving support of brothers and sisters in the Black & African community.

Powerful, bold and very clear messages go a very long way, most especially, at this time when the
media sends so many negative statements and derogatory images of Black & African community members, especially of LGBT folks.

It proves again that members of the community do not need anyone to act in behalf of Blacks and

Rather respect, rights and resourcefulness from within, serving the best interest for all people of color, and otherwise, is seen here in real leadership:
giving props and a self-determined
strategy for Black & African Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered & Bisexual persons, their loved ones and the

Thanks Rod! I'm here in Rome, Italy for another Boston breakthrough for the Truth: the European premiere of "Hand of God;" the award-winning, shown on PBS' Frontline, documentary by Joe Cultera about his brother, Paul being sexually violated is to be screened before members of the Italian Parliament June 22.

Courageously both men stood up, again using art like the "I AM GAY" posters, to right wrongs and put the responsibility where it belongs: on disgraced Boston/Rome Cardinal Law, the Pope & Catholic clergy and people in the pews still silent in denial.

Bravo, Boston! Molto bene! Grazie, Rod!


Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems
@ "1 Step From St. Peter"
Rome, Italy
20 June 2007


These ads are awesome! They should run this campaign in cities across the country.

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