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25 June 2007


Andy in Seattle

My, you pack a LOT into an entry, Rod--like a salad bar, ending with Dimitri for dessert! Yum!

caleb rexter

Rod, I'd like to echo what Andy just said. I'm a newer reader and am constantly amazed by the topics here. Everything from presidential politics to house music. I actually like these news briefs just as much as the essays you do early in the day.

Keep it up!


Supreme Court also ruled that taxpayers do not have standing to challenge Bush's faith based initiatives


Take this as a sign people: if the U.S. supreme court can rule in favor of schools on the topic of free speech today then pretty soon out and proud students like Newark East Side's Andre Jackson will be forced into closets by insecure administrators both literally and figuratively. Heed my words.


I agree, the Supreme Court is so far to the right now, it would be a waste of time for any gay or even a black straight case to appear before those goons in robes.

Hillary? Sorry, I love the updates, but, this woman still stands no chance at winning.

Arnold, he does it "quietly" guess he does not want to tick off he base, doing stuff in the shadows, sorry, no respect there either.

And, a dance music review, all good today!

C. Baptiste-Williams

Sheryl Lee and Hill need to be recognized for the work they are doing.


The appointments are nice, but they don't mean a lot since Arnold has defeated several key laws that would have helped gay people.

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