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09 June 2007



Why doesn't Russell Simmons run for president? I'd trust him sooner that I'd trust Clinton or Obama. As for lack of experience, that certainly didn't seem to be a handicap for our current gangster-in-office.


Oh, and by they way, everyone is entitled to his own taste, of course. Thank goodness not everyone’s is the same. But for me:

I’d take Deval Patrick over every muscle boy whose picture has ever been posted on this site. If only . . .


i must admit...there's something super sexy and smart about Patrick. The man is truly unique.

Derrick from Philly

"...take Deval Patrick over every muscle boy..."

Well, yes, if you're looking for intelligent, meaningful life moments to share with a brilliant man. I'm looking for men whose bodies I can worship and feet I can massage. I wouldn't care if he couldn't read, write, or spell...as long he can take a shower, and I can help him with that.


Derrick, you are truly fortunate to be so easily satisfied.

I, on the other hand, find you adorable.

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