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28 June 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

i saw 5 minutes of this and thought it was a yawn fest... then i was like why the hell am i watching this like i really give a damn?!?!

Andy in Seattle

Quick someone please marry this woman off to a Republican Senator or something. Just get her off the air.


This galloping trollop almost made me blow chow when she insisted that she'd never taken drugs or taken off her clothes in front of a stranger. Hooker, please.


She wasn't as dumb as I thought she would be,boring yes, dumb, maybe, but that weave was kicking, I wish that some of the sisters who wear them could get one as convincing. Two funny things, Larry King trying to prod her with questions that were way over her head, and the fact that she kept saying she wanted to "help those people." Ok.....

Brenda B.

Actually, Paris Hilton was smart not to quote from the Bible,which notoriously difficult when your'e nervous. Had she made a mistake in quoting, the media would have been all over her for that.

We really only know that Paris Hilton smokes weed occasionally, which de-criminalized in California. The photo of her smoking pot in Amsterdam was perfectly legal to do there.
I think that Paris Hilton meant she does not do Hard Drugs, and I don't recall ever hearing differently. People are perhaps a bit too hard on Paris Hilton.


Brenda B. too hard on poor Paris Hilton who used insultingly the word "niggers" to Blacks behind their backs after she smiled in their faces - that was caught on video. She was also videotaped drunk at a party sporting gangsta gestures saying "look at me I'm a nigger". She was also homophobic calling a gay man "fag" to his face at that same party.


I knew it. That idiot is back to partying and saying, "THAT'S HOT". Nothing has changed.

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