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07 June 2007



I don't know who you are young lady, but, you go!! Gays have been part of the black community as long as we have been black, and now that they are tied in with these right wing nuts, and getting coins from them, now they are the loudest homophobes around, give me a break. And, I did read some of the posts on Keith's board, very interesting, but, since I don't even know what hip hop means, I guess its all over my head, other than the homophobia that some singers seem to have.

j. brotherlove

Good for Amerie! And thanks Rod for using "antediluvian" in this post. You rock for that!

James M

That's my girl Amerie!!! I Loved her since her first album and now I got more love for her. If more people would just see that what she says is true then we wont be having all these problems.


I love Amerie.

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