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25 June 2007



First and foremost Hollywood or whoever needs to stop deceiving the gay community; OK it is alright to act and employ actors with jobs. Being that the gay people are so much discriminated against and are taken a backseat to societies interpretation of their lifestyle; wouldn't it be much more appropriate to employ a gay actor who is not at all ashamed of his gender or afraid to represent the gay community for which he sponsors. I find it rather disturbing watching a gay show which none of the main characters wish to admit or discuss if they are gay or not. I feel this is an insult to my intelligence and the gay people which this show is based on; If I am not mistaking isn't the creator of the show GAY? My point is to support the gay community someone who would be worthy enough to have the job for which these actors on the show do not seem to appreciate, I mean the DL factor is rather stupendous when it is obvious that they are living gay lifestyles and acting in continuous gay movies and television shows at a time. DUH!


I don't have a problem with Wendy, she is a hot mess, and, I think that he was just being Wendy with the question. And, with her looking and acting like a bad drag queen, I don't see her as laughing at gays. My issue is with the actors, they seem to think that even having someone think they are gay, its as if they have the plague or something.

I don't care if he is gay or not, and really don't need to know what anyone does in the privacy of their bedrooms, but, give me a break, mystery around their sexuality on this show that didn't last a season and a half? Child please, get over yourself, and try and get some "real" acting" gigs where you can try to be more convincing as straight, because, so far, you have failed the test.

Funny how that guy who played Dougie Howser, still don't know his name, is doing his thing, on a HIT show as an out gay man playing straight, and no one thinks twice about it.

And, this sidestep diss of his isn't going to help sell tickets for that alleged movie, in theatres or dvd or sell any of that so called last season.


I agree Converse, Hollywood seems to try and present this image of being accepting to homosexuals but they always hire straight actors to play major gay roles and then they hire gays who don't own up to being gay in major roles. It's all just so sad, There are plenty of openly gay men readily available for these parts but they continue to be safe and hire these safe actors who appease middle America. I all for someone outing them self when they feel it is appropriate but the gay community needs people who are willing to stand up and positively represent our community and not people who want to stand by idle.


This whole topic is rather silly when you think about it. We have a hard enough time getting black men in general to come out of the closet, so why are we surprised when a few black actors don't want to raise the rainbow flag publicly? Yes, it would be great if everyone who's gay or lesbian would come out. But we have to be realistic. The decision to come out is a very personal one. That doesn't change just because someone is an actor or performer. At least the NOAH actors aren't out there openly denying being gay (like Queen "I'm no gay" Latifah or Ne-Yo). There are many celebs who are believed or rumored to be gay, but who choose not to come out publicly (Jody Foster, Anderson Cooper, etc.). That's their choice and their business. And it should not affect our enjoyment of their work. I don't need to know if my attorney is gay or lesbian, I just need to know they're going to get the job done. Just because someone is on TV does not give US the right to know every detail about their personal life. And that Doogie Howser example is a bad one. Neil Patrick Harris has been acting since he was a teenager. He finallly came out of the closet when the press got wind of his sexuality and threatened to out him. Plus, he's on his 2nd hit major network sitcom, making probably millions of dollars- a far cry from the black cast of NOAH doing much fewer episodes and earning much less money on a small cable network. Plus, let's not forget that it's tough for black actors in general. If I were an actor, I'd have to think twice about coming out publicly also- especially if it affects my ability to procure more work in the already difficult arena for black actors. And just where are these hundreds of openly gay actors out there that you're talking about? I defy you to name 5 openly gay black actors. I know Doug Spearman and that's about it. Yes, I hope more black actors and actresses come out- and black singers, rappers, doctors, clergymen, military, teachers, lawyers, etc. But I realize it's a personal decision and each individual's right to decide when and if they come out publicly.


Yeah, I often wonder about why so many of us black homos fawn over that tired bitch ... I mean, I've never gotten the impression she's for us; on her show her and her cronies are always mocking gays. Yet, because she's loud, obnoxious, black and female, the fags flock to her. Wake up people, this chick is not for us.

caleb rexter

Sean, I don't think it's a silly topic at all. It's extremely important that we have role models when possible. Now, no one said that the Noah's Ar actors HAD to be out. But it's embarrassing if you have a show that is supposed to demonstrate how far we have come as black gay men and the black gay actors REFUSE to come out.

And yes, for the record Rodney Chester and Darryl Stephens have refused to say they are gay. If they are straight, that is fine. Just return those silly Clik Awards and every other "award" hey have received for supposedly being role models.

C. Baptiste-Williams

that is not a totally accurate portrayl of the interview...

i listen to wendy every day because she is comedic, if you choose not to that is your business but as a grown ass man i can choose to listen to what i please. im sure several of you listen to homophobic rappers and ministers each week.


On what planet is Rodney Chester "talented"? He's the worst actor I've seen since my junior high school did "Hamlet". Maybe he's "talented" dressing up in drag (playing a loud, fat Black woman), but he is certainly not a talented actor.

As far as him being gay, he couldn't be gayer if his name were Gaybert O'Gay McQueenison. He's such an obvious queen, he makes Clay Gayken seem like Charles Bronson.


BLAthlete- Chester never denied being gay. But it is his right to not voice his sexuality publicly, as it is anyone's right. How many of you who are bitching and moaning about this are actually OUT to everyone? Your entire family, your church, the world, etc? If anything will change things in the black community, it's everyday gay black folk being out and proud. We always look to celebs or people in movies or TV to solve societies ills, when we should be looking in our own backyard, on our own street. And for the record, I don't believe Stephens or Chester received a CLIK award. The creator of the show did.


I don't know why y'all HATIN' on WENDY like that. She is very much a supporter of the gay community. She was just at a gay club for PRIDE this past Sunday night...and she wasn't on program. She has been more than friendly to gays and lesbians over the years.

Rodney knew what he was getting into when he went on to her show. You don't hide your sexuality from her or else she'll fish...especially someone as obvious as he is.

I was disappointed to find out that she has never seen an episode of NOAH's ARC....it was as if she knew nothing about it.


Sean, that loud, obvious flaming queen Rodney Chester is not only a horrible actor/actress, but he is also DELUSIONAL and insulting to his only (small and shrinking) fan base if he thinks he can keep his sexuality to himself just by not admitting it in a public forum!

She's the most stereotypical queen this side of Antoine from "Men On Film". He's very effeminate, he dresses in drag, he's a choreographer, he plays gay characters in Hollywood (the only roles he has played, mind you), his natural voice is incredibly shrill and his natural mannerisms stereotypically queeny and over-the-top, and his bug-out eyes always have that "come hither queen" star. What more evidence of his so-called "mysterious sexuality" do you need? To catch him with a big black dick up his fat ass?

If he thinks he is creating some element of "mystery" about his sexuality, he is sorely delusional. The only "mystery" about Ms. Rodney is: when will he have the sex change operation to be a full-blown woman?

tony rio

No one here is "hating" on Wendy Williams, least of all someone like Rod, who obviously is doing quite well for himself and is a respected name in the community. The simple fact is not every gay black man appreciates that "how you doing" gay drama.

Sean, according to Clay Cane's description, Rodney Chester did deny he is gay. He has consistently denied he is gay. Keith Hamilton Cobb did not deny he was straight playing gay, neither did Raz B, which is FINE. But to be BLACK AND GAY and act on a BLACK AND GAY TV SHOW and CONTINUALLY DENY you are GAY is an INSULT, especially to the people who want to pretend Noah's Arc is so earth-shattering. It's just a role on another tv series. Just like Darryl Stephens has made a career from playing gay in gay movies and television but is not out.

One more thing. Rodney Chester and Darryl Stephens did receive Clik Awards. Rodney Chester was also THE HOST.

Joe Jons


Rodney Chester and Dr. Boogie from Shear Genius are both STRAIGHT okay?


And regarding Wendell, I mean Wendy, Williams -- might I add.

S/He is NOT a "friend of the Black gay community"! She sensationalizes the topic of gays in Black entertainment. Like most hateful hags that are just wolves in sheep's clothing, Wendy only emphasizes two things when it comes to Black gay men: the reinforcement of negative stereotypes about gay men (queeny, gossipy, vindictive, sexual predators) and the demonization of the "closeted" or "DL" gay man.

With "friends" like her, who need enemies?


Funny and sad how the topic of a mediocre "actor" at best, and a "show" that didn't have 20 episodes is worthy of so much attention while peddling the 7 or 8 episodes of the last "season."

I saw he first season of NA, and, he was funny, and it seemed to flow quite naturally, but, he like Dr Boogie can say what they want, and get their swirl on with whom they want, but, no need to get catty like that famous top gun actor about being straight, what next, lawsuits for speculation?


Mediocre is quite accurate. I think Rod has always enjoyed Chester as a character actor, and so have I.

But since his biggest character part has been playing a stereotypical queen, umm, I don't think coming out would hurt his career.


He can sure "play" a Queen, so, maybe he should take it up full time in other roles, beefier roles too, and continue to be straight, that way, he would be known as he best Queeny actor who is straight ever and win some real awards, LOL!


You're not really acting when you are portraying yourself in every role.


The point I am trying to make her is simple and self explanatory give the gay roles to the gay actors who are out and willing to support the community. And as for Wendy Williams I am a listener and just that she is here to entertain and she strives for her spot and that's to be no.1 but I do not approve of how she mocks gay people constantly and shamefully outs anyone at any cost everyone at any chance she gets. And anyone who does her show should know at the end of the day that show is over after it's broadcast but your life will continue after you hang up or leave her studio. And that you are the one who will reap the consequences and repercussions from the anyone who is homophobic or the anti-gay. This type of behavior is destroying families and changing lives. DO NOT! Out someone just because they are gay. Only the people that are harming others in some way such as the infamous DL brother with the wife. Not the confused brother seeking advice because he likes guys. I think we need to decipher one situation from the other that they both need to be handled differently.

rod mccullom

BLAthlete and Luther: Touché.


Please why are we asking this question? In the Fall of 2004 I saw Rodney along with other cast mates at gay clubs in DC (they were promoting Noah's Arc at the Human Rights center earlier in the day) having a lot of fun and they were not there on official business and were trying to keep a low profile.Oh! no Jensen Atwood was not among them.

Derrick from Philly

"You're not really acting when you're portraying yourself in every role."

Blathlete: You're talking about every screen actor from Lillian Gish to Kate Winslett, It's called having a screen persona...it's what make's movie/TV stars. Acting is for New York and no money.


Gay or not, he did a goo job


Let Me Look At You(all)...

Why do any of you need "entertainers" to validate your sexual identity.
Crystal is not Diamond and neither was any ACTOR on that series "guest" or "regular"

Check: DVD outakes, deleted
scenes, audio commentary


don't be so sensitive. that exchange btwn rodney and wendy was actually quite funny. as a black dyke - not too bad looking i might add - i went through a similar exchage with my very femme gay male cousin, who was surprised to learn that our family thought of him something other than straight! dang, laff a little!

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