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25 June 2007



having made the previous comment, i must admit that i've only read the interview exchange and the way it reads is funny. that said, i don't know wendy's reputation on gay and lesbian issues. Nuff Respect to my bruthas!


The real question is: why would any intelligent person, gay or straight, listen to Wendy Williams? Being new to NYC, I listened for a month, to see what she was about. It is truly sad. Are we so self-loathing as a group that we would gladly support someone who has such contempt for our community. The irony of it all, is her son is going to become what she most despises and I wonder how it will play out as he enters puberty. OOOOOO How You doing?


But that's what puzzles me somewhat. Is it that effeminate men don't realize they ARE effeminate? Maybe that's why he believes there's some mystery to his being gay. He doesn't see it.

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