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05 June 2007



Love that title, but, also hope he has learned a lesson, nothing ticks me off more than a drunk driver.


i certainly don't condone drinking while driving, AT ALL but...

...i'm surprised EVERYONE in Los Angeles isn't arrested for drunk driving. living in Manhattan affords me and many others the luxury of not having to drive home from a bar or club, since the whole island's pretty much designed against the idea of driving. many of us can get bat shit crazy drunk, and if need be, hop in a cab or jump on the subway.

it must be very tempting to go beyond one or two drinks while out on the town in L.A. and say, "oh, i'll be fine." after all, your good judgement is the first thing to go. in L.A. you just HAVE TO drive.

i don't know how y'all do it. i just wouldn't drink AT ALL if i lived out there.


Does he need a cellmate?


what I dont understand are all these folks who have to be making decent money cant hire a car for the evening if you know you are going to be drinking?

I have gotten away with it many times on Santa Monica, Sunset, etc. but I really try not to do it now


I would've driven him home free of charge!!


haven't these west coasties ever heard of this wonderful thing called a "car service"....

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