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28 June 2007



And, this will go unnoticed by most black people and Hispanics, the ones most affected, gay and straight. They are out to gut all civil rights for people of color and the gay and lesbians of this country.

I said it the last election, if Bush and his racist cronies got in and stacked the "Court" to the right, good luck getting your fairness under the law black folks.

And, this next election is even more crucial as if it goes GOP, and there is another retirement, good by civil rights for black, and most certainly for gays and lesbians.

Its just a shame that this has happened, and a even bigger shame that there are not protests in the streets, as we all know in 2007, the majority of schools are still separate and unequal. And, as a child who attened bad, segrated schools, it really ticks me off that they are determined to turn back the clock.


ugh, no words. depressing


Before this session of the court began, I read a list of all the cases it would be deciding. I went through each one, and I judged which side of the issue would benefit human beings and which side would benefit rich folks.

I said to myself, “In every case, the side favoring the rich folks will win, and the side favoring human beings will lose.”

So far, I have been right in every single case.


Here is a fact for you: one of the major aspects of the lawsuit in Seattle involved black students that did not want to go to an “all white” high school, they want to be at their neighborhood high schools with the majority being Black and Hispanic.

The Seattle School District was attempting to even out the racial numbers .Yes, it was a longer school bus ride but students were not taking the city bus unless by choice. All Seattle Schools have excellent facilities, teachers and materials.

The Black parents and students were outraged at this decision and initially filed suit that Seattle Public Schools was using race to move students. White parents soon chimed in and said; “hey we will support you if that is what you want”. It was never a case of this school has better equipment or teachers it was a matter of keeping “friends”.

The Supreme Court stepped in and a decision was made; it was the “black" community here in Seattle that undermined “Brown vs. Board” not whites.

Rod McCullom

Charles, your description is very accurate. But there may be another side.

As a child, I was bused in the LA Unified School District, this was in the mid 1970s. I hated it and so did my parents, and, many other black parents.

The bottom line is, you want your schools in the neighborhood to be the very best. Ideally, schools in South Central should be as well-funded, academically viable and promising as schools in Brentwood. I'm all for integration, but, if integration assumes "white is right" and doesn't addreess inequities, I'm not for it.

Obiously, if I were on the court (and I'm no lawyer), I'd rule for the school districts, but be very vocal in stating that local districts should strive to overcome funding and performance inequities. Sometimes, racial balance can't change that.


I have been reading these posts and I am in Seattle area teacher with the impact of the decision in my face as the new school year starts in September.

Here are my questions to the group:

What is a quality school?
What components are there? What components are absent?
What does student involvement look like? What are these qualities?
What does parent involvement look like? What are these qualities?
What are the qualifications of the teachers?

I have been a teacher for 17 years (Chicago-Southside and Seattle) and this "idea" of quality school is tossed around repeatedly so here I am asking a simple question.

I stay in the profession of teaching because I can and do say things to parents that evoke a response and address their responsibility to their child's education. Sadfully, these responses are primarily directed at black parents who do not participate in the educational system but complain and cry racism when "Frank" can not play football due to failing grades. I directly challenge them to their accountability; now this has caused some problems (letters in my personal file) but the good has been tremendous.

I personally condemned the Seattle Public School for attempting to racially, culturally and economically balance their schools.

Some black students and parents think if a white teacher does not let them go to the bathroom = racism. It is sad but true. I have seen and heard black students/parents claiming racism of a white teacher due to various selfish factors. Many white teachers do not know how to defend themselves against these unprovoked and unproven attacks because the “black community” conditions them to be “wrong” no matter what and these teachers/school districts give in providing no educational or societal benefit to the child and/or parent.

The black community needs to understand that screaming racism about Isaiah Washington’s contract non-renewal diminishes the racial impact of the Supreme Court's regarding education. Everything can not be racism or racist; sorry it is not that simple; my strong opinion!

The entire nation needs to get back and really start looking at what is “racist” or “racism” and what is “bias" they are clearly different.


Rod, thats where the problem comes in, they are NOT going to fund the schools in the black and brown areas like they are the white ones. They come up with all sorts of excuses, and one of e reasons why I see this country as no longer even being civil, is that people of different races don't interact at all and this is a reason the cry of racism is head for the most trivial things.

Just like I don't see schools in the "hood getting any better and having kids read at grade level or attending collge. No matter how many good teachers are in those schools, working and trying like crazy, they can only do so much with over crowded classes, outdated materials, no computers, etc.

Glad I have no kids of color in this country, the future is beyond bleak, most are doomed for the bottom rungs.

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