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02 July 2007



It could be a zero approval rating, and he would keep doing it his way. He has no respect for the so called "American people" at all. And, as many have said, history will judge him as the WORST president ever, and that's what happens when you get a president elected, well, appointed first, and then reelected on one thing, fear,hate and intolerance.

And, it looks like it will be 4 more years of the same insane polices.

Andy in Seattle

That's the scary part--W could unleash Ebola at the SuperBowl Halftime Show, and a core 10 or 12 percent would still "approve."


C. Baptiste-Williams

im loving this legacy he is leaving behind... hopefully no other Bush will make it to the white house after this


Congress's approval rating is even lower (20%) and what kills me is that the repubs are attacking the dems for not keeping their promises, when its their voting on party lines that is preventing the promised legislation (stem cell research, Iraq withdrawal) from having a veto proof margin

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