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25 July 2007



Mitt apologize for something offensive to blacks? That isn't going to happen, remember, he's Mormon and they just said we are human in 1978. And, they have to play to the fears of white folks in the South the most staunch and fearful of blacks and key voters and the road to the White House is paved with them, even a bleached blond bimbo with a lame attempt at what they call Ebonics.

And, I for one like it when they leave thier anti-black feelings right out there in the open.

JW Richard

Actions of a loser. Actions of a real loser.

Andy in Seattle

Finally the decoupage wears thin for a brief moment and we see how impatient he's getting with this silly "election" thing before the coronation. Take heed, America.


Another idiotic politician. If he can't see why folks were offended that's a problem.

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