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07 July 2007



The Jamaicans are openly proud of their homophobia, just as evangelical Christians are in the U.S., and just as Southern white people used to be of their racism.

It makes them feel superior while requiring absolutely no effort on their part. This is irresistable.

These people will only give up their beloved hatred when not doing so incurs a heavy price.


Escalation strategy working??? havent we had back to back deadliest months for US soldiers? These people really do think they can piss on our heads and call it rain

Derrick from Philly

I don't know what more can be said about the situation in Jamaica. I wonder if the country can be taken before the World Court for sanctioning inhumane treatment of gay people. And how hypocritical many Jamaican folks are (just like many folks in our country too). I have a friend who's on his way to vacation in Jamaica next week. The reason he continues to go? Because there's so much "trade" for such low prices. No, they may not want homosexuals in Jamaica, but they sure have a lot of buysexuals.

As for Senator Graham: he's a lyin' South Carolina cracka'. Ooops, I used the "c" word. They gonna' get me like they got Isaiah. Oh, shit, my career is finished. I'll never be able to work in a low paying office job again!


Nothing can be done about Jamaica. I work with folks from the islands and they are just downright disrespectful and hard to deal with. Don't waste your vacation dollars or your time there. Save it for a place where you don't have to worry constantly about some pack of savages beating your brains in.


Hey not all Caribbean folk are homophobic. Sure, like America the powers that be don't support gay rights... it's not good politics. And we could use a gay bar or two down here, but dont clasify all of us as homophobic as are Jamaicans.

Jamaicans are simply repressed sexually... even a heterosexual male in Jamaica would call fellas from my island nasty because my friends like to perform oral sex on women.

It's a sad sad country, but other Caribbean countries are somewhat tolerant and are changing for the positive. Some really are coming into the 21st century, even Haiti.

So don't categorize a whole archipelago as savages, ohk? You dont like it when the KKK's call u simian, unevolved, moronic, animalistic subhumans, ok, don't do the same. You alsowould like when persons from your own community here in the USA attack you because you like cock.


Never did I say ALL people there are savages ... but when a mob of people assaults a man for being gay and NOBODY helps - they are animals and they deserve to be called a pack of savages. Sorry, but it's a fact. The same would be said if it happened here.

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