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09 July 2007


Mark Norris

I really hope Enrique doesn't receive any flake or rumors started because of this. He gets major kudos for making this move to pick a male member of a mostly gay audience seem like a natural thing. Which it should be. Go Enrique. Sooooooooooooo many other male entertainers could learn a big lesson from him.


I wonder how long this will last for the Advocate not being in a cover? Good idea to stop the waste, but, at the same time, many in small town America will probably have to stop getting it as no matter what they say, the mail will start getting "messed" up in quite a few places and people "outed." That said, I didn't even know the Advocate was still in business.

caleb rexter

According to the NYT report, the wrapping is removed upon customer request.

And of course The Advocate is still around, Rod writes for them.


Thanks for the heads up on the Advocate caleb, had not seen a copy of it in years, kind of thought it was one of those magazines that went away in the age of computers.

Enrique Iglesias

Just to let everyone know I'm not gay.

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