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14 July 2007


j. brotherlove

In a nutshell, that speaks volumes.


Actually, this is a photo that Republicans want their supporters to see. It is proof to the white voters that the Republicans do not cater to dark people. To much of the electorate, that is a big selling point, and helps distinguish the Republicans from the other party.


read 'em and weep, Jim, Read 'Em

Miss T

Hm, pictures speak louder than words. Way to go Reps for reaching out. And you know, they probably haven't lost any votes.


wow that is incredibly sad.....

Andy in Seattle

If the Dems dont use that photo--and what it illustrates--then they miss quite the opportunity. But then I can already hear the GOP/Rove spin-machine painting the NAACP as a "special interest group" the Democrats are "beholden to." Step up, Democrats, and make some political hay.

C. Baptiste-Williams

The Dems always miss valuable opportunities... I am sure this will be one of them as well.

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