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11 July 2007



WOW! great read.

I'm happy for him. Think i'll go buy his sophmore album now.

Wonder what happen to his contract with Motown? They never did promote him right.

Waddie Grant

Donnie's first album was exceptional. Until now, I did not know whether he was still recording. I am proud of him for being unabashed about his sexuality since it has nothing to do with the integrity of his music.

caleb rexter

The Logo interview is great. Donnie get really deep, wow.


That was dead on .... and the main reason why when a negroe says "I am active in church" I stop hearing anything he has to say - because 99 percent of them are filled to the brim with self-hatred.


I hear you on that me!

Alan T

Dionnie is one of my favorite singers. This is a great wrap up of what is out there, thanks.


TONEX... instead of trying to appear thuggish on Youtube amidst spitting out words like "f---" and "n----" why don't you learn something from this talented and self-determined brotha?


I love DONNIE. "The Colored Section is a great disc"

I never even knew he was gay.

j. brotherlove

I'm proud of Donnie for opening up to the public about his sexuality. Everybody can't handle it.


Brave brotha. Very brave. Let's support him y'all. And IsleZues is SO right!


Who cares really? your sexual preferences has nothing to do with music,Everybody's just like to know gossip to judge whether gay,in the church black or white.mind ur business and worry about answering for your sins at the end of the world.nosey

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