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23 July 2007


taylor Siluwé


As if we needed proof that these murdering crooks are what they are.

When are we going to have the American revolution that is so DIRELY needed?


America will wither away or commit suicide before it ever has a revolution.

At the very least, your great-nephews will live to see it.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Bush isn't has dumb as people thinks he is.

Andy in Seattle

I agree with all of the sentiments above.

I doubt the US will go quietly, the way Britain took its decline with characteristic aplomp. The US has a chip on its shoulder, and if that chip starts to fall, everyone watch out.

Actual "revolution" will continue to be stifled or prevented because of the billions at stake. (Rent Sidney Lumet's 1976 film NETWORK and watch the Ned Beatty speech. It's prophecy that has all too well come true.) The only thing that's going to topple this global tyranny is environmental collapse, which due to our unsustainably high standard of livin, might just happen--in our lifetimes. And when the panic sets in, watch out.

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