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23 July 2007


Michel Yeager

Being an ex-friend of his. I heard this all before. I am not surprised he is trying to cover it up.


Its a shame on two accounts, one people are saying he is gay with lame gossip and innuendo, and two he has to make it known that he isn't as if its something to be ashamed of. Unless he is going around making nasty, homophobic remarks, his private life should be just that, private. But, he can take more of those pics, straight or gay, still a hottie, LOL!

Derrick from Philly

You make a good point, Luther. No matter what anyone says, it is still not a good career move for a Hollywood actor to come out. Actually, for a male sex sympbol it's still seen as the kiss of death. No one seems to remember William Haines. He was the biggest movie matinee idol atfer Valentino, and before CLark Gable. He refused to stay in the closet. His career was destroyed. Now that was almost eighty years ago, but the rule still holds in Hollywood, "Don't tell, and listen to 'em when they ask."

If he/she doesn't gay bash, leave them alone.

taylor Siluwé

I totally disagree with the 'leave him alone' line of thought.

First off, he may not be gay. And if that is so, then why make a big deal of protesting so much? Men comfortable in their own sexuality rarely feel the need to overcompensate with such protestations.

Second, he may be as gay as a rainbow thong on a perfectly rounded ass. In that case, the protestations are an insult to every out and proud gay man in a culture where role models of color (male & female) are sorely lacking.

In my book, this would make him a pussy and a clear target of any who would take delight in exposing his 'pussyhood'.

If the boy ain't gay, he should let the accusations slide off his back and chalk it up to the price of fame. But he doesn't. He feels the need to protest.

Hmmmm .....


What I find interesting is that it's not enough that he was on the beach with one "girlfriend" but he had to throw in that he was out there with, not one, but two "girlfriends." OK, thanks Shemar, we believe you.


All I have to say is one thing:



I filed this under:

"I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is."


I just don't get it.

When someone doesn't address gay rumors, then they must be hiding something.

When someone does address the rumors, they're accused of protesting too loudly or overcompensating.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Leave the man alone.


I didn't understand why he went to a trash magazine like InTouch to address something that has been circulating for at least a couple of weeks, and secondly, the statement about skinny-dipping..shouldn't he have a house with a pool in the backyard or something and why he had to mentioned that was something he wanted to do since he was a teenager..that did not make sense to me..you would think he would've had every opportunity in the world to skinny-dip for the papparazzi...


Thanks Nova, you can't win one way or the other, it you don't reply, you are gay by de facto, and if you do, you are still gay. I just don't get why its so important to be all up in peoples business , unless I'm getting my swirl on with his sexy self, I really don't care what he or anyone else does in the PRIVACY of their bedrooms.

Sorry fellas, not every man in the world is gay, no matter how much some like to think that, LOL!

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