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12 July 2007


Derrick from Philly

First, they were saying it was a gay beach, now the're saying it's just a private nude beach. It doesn't matter. I like straight guys anyway...well, I like them as sex objects, not as people. WHat I really like is that he seems to have more weight on him than when he's on TV. But I guess they're not filming the show at this time of year. He'll probably do like Jane Fonda used to (finger down the throat after gorging) to get ready to film next season's shows. I shouldn't say that--he's a nice guy, I'm told by those up in New York who claim to know...very gay friendly.


I'm confused was the nude beach in Florida or Hawaii?

And as for the comments about the size of his manhood on link to the pics, maybe he's a "grower".


First off I should tell everyone that I knew Shemar Moore when he was working at International Male Mag. He use to not only do modeling he use to answer the phones there and take peoples orders. Thats how I started to know him. So We started to talk and I knew him for about a year and a half till he made it to the Young and the Restless. After her got that job he stopped talking to me.

So I know for a fact he is gay. He even had a partner at the time. It doesn't surprise me that he was found on a gay nude beach somewhere. At the time we where talking before he became famous he was a nice guy. I guess becoming famous scared him back into the closet and I believe thats why he stopped talking to all his gay friends.

Also just a note. I don't really care if anyone believes what I just said or not so keep your negative comments to yourself.


all i know is one thing:

his thang looks TASTY!

gay or not, i would gladly play with Shemar and his thick member. :)

and...surprisingly enough, he's a decent actor....

but i would wear him OUT if i had the chance...he looks good! :)


I don't know, and nor do I care if he is gay, how he gets his swirl on is his business. And now that he has that grill fixed, and I've seen those pics, he is still as hot as ever. And, I still don't get why this society is still so Puritan about being nude at a private beach, gay, straight or bi, lol!



Don Hill

"Looking goooooood, Shemar!


Hunka, hunka, burnin' luv!


I heard from my Aunt Bea that Shemar is Amish. She said he rides around in a buggy with a floral bonnet flapping in the breeze!


I heard from my Aunt Bea that Shemar is Amish. She said he rides around in a buggy with a floral bonnet flapping in the breeze!


He stopped talking you because he let fame get in the way, money and and certain positions make people funny, if his ass was broke he would want to talk you, some people do not have time for you when they are doing well.


Who cares if he is straight or gay. I enjoy his acting in his movies and on tv. Damn if he do damn if he dont. Leave the man alone.. Shemar , if you read this, do you!!!!!.The hell what anyone else say, you cant make every one happy.

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